Why fly with us?

CYCLADIC has been designed to deliver a faster, smoother, and more rewarding way to travel around the Greek islands. Find out how we put the fun into flying.

Get in the fast lane

Flexible fares, quick turnaround, executive seats and plenty of room on board. Our passengers are all treated as VIPs - we fly 12-seater planes, after all. Although flight times are short, we make every moment count from take-off to touchdown.

Love at first flight

See Greece like never before from the comfort of your seat. Large windows and low-altitude flying equal unparalleled views of Greece’s dramatic scenery. CYCLADIC flights operate from dawn till dusk, so you might even catch sunrise or sunset up in the clouds. Turn an otherwise ordinary journey into an unforgettable experience.

Take off with confidence

Your safety and security are our first priority. Our brand-new aircraft are maintained according to the highest international safety standards. Our pilots are veterans of flying small aircraft and experienced in the weather and landing conditions in the Greek islands. We will never operate a flight unless we are sure it is 100% safe to do so.

So many islands, so little time

Less time in transit means more time to enjoy your holiday or to take care of business. Can't decide which Greek island is the one for you? Take an aerial day trip to find your favourite. Or make the most of your time off with multiple stops.

High speed, low impact

We take sustainability very seriously. Equipped with the latest technology, our aircraft have a lower carbon footprint than commercial airliners and ferries. We are committed to protecting the environment of the Cyclades through our sustainability policy.