The Fleet

The Aircraft

The fleet comprises 3 brand new single turbine Cessna 208B Caravans. 

Powerful, dependable, and versatile, these turboprop aircraft are engineered for a wide variety of missions and environments.

The aircraft are equipped with a single fueling point for quick turnarounds and TKS anti-icing technology for winter operations.

In-Flight Experience

Each aircraft has a payload of up to 12 passengers and 2 pilots. There are no flight attendants on board.

With ergonomic seats, enhanced sight lines, and ample legroom, the in-cabin experience ensures a smooth and comfortable journey.

Safety & Security

Passenger safety is the top priority and the operator adheres to the highest safety standards and protocols, with certified engineers and safety experts continuously monitoring and inspecting each aircraft to ensure peak condition.

Every flight is carried out by an experienced and fully licensed commander and first officer who regularly undergo rigorous training on the aircraft

Cycladic plane


Aircraft /Cycladic


Aircraft /Cycladic