CYCLADIC flights can transport the following: 
•    Hand luggage
•    Checked baggage
•    Special baggage 
•    Stroller / car seat for babies & infants

Your baggage allowance depends on the type of fare you have booked. 
Every CYCLADIC passenger is allowed one piece of hand luggage, up to 8kg

If you have paid for standard baggage allowance, you can bring one piece of checked luggage up to 23kg. Day travellers will be charged for their luggage.

You can pay excess baggage in advance when booking your flight or pay when you check in at the airport. 
Please be aware that our aircraft have small cargo pods, so very large or bulky items cannot be accommodated. Get in touch 48 hours before your departure date if you are travelling with special baggage (such as bicycles, kitesurfing, windsurfing or scuba diving gear, musical instruments or mobility aids). Restrictions and additional charges may apply.